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Dos and Don'ts when Clearing Sign-Up Bonuses

18 January 2009, By:
Do you play online poker? If so, how are you with collecting online bonuses? Collecting bonuses is a key element in successful online poker play. While it has nothing to do with being able to calculate odds or read opponents, it is a way to get extra money into your bankroll, which can give you an edge just as well as any poker tactic.

Dos for Poker Bonuses

When hunting for poker sign up bonuses, always make sure you are getting the best bonus you can find. When it comes to sign up bonuses, you can only get one for every site you sign up with, so make sure you get the best one possible. If you're not getting at least a 100 percent match bonus, you are probably not getting the best deal you can. In some cases, you can get even more than 100 percent.

However, for a player with a sizable bankroll a bonus with low match percentage and high max-bonus can be worth clearing even though it only pays 100 percent or even less on the first deposit. The key is to have a large enough bankroll to get eligible for the full bonus amount. If you can afford to make a big deposit, a low match percent bonus can in fact be the best poker sign up bonus.

Also, do remember to input that bonus code at the same time that you make that first deposit. If you fail to do so, you be signed up without the bonus and you won't get a second chance, so double check before clicking that 'submit' button.

Don'ts for Poker Bonuses

Don't alter your poker strategy too much in order to clear the bonus faster. This may result in mistakes in your play which could cost you more than the amount the bonus is worth. You sometimes have a matter of weeks or even months in which to clear the online poker sign up bonus, and most of the times there's no time limit at all, so you probably don't need to rush things. You can always go to your bonus status page to check your bonus status and make sure that you are moving along at an acceptable pace.

If you are getting close to the deadline for your bonus, don't focus too much on tournaments unless tournaments are all you play. You can clear a bonus much faster playing cash games since every ranked hand counts towards earning that bonus. If you only play tournaments, you may want to consider focusing on sit and gos, which go faster, since you can only earn a fixed number of bonus clearing points for each tournament you play.

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