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The Sickest Poker Hands in 2010

16 December 2010, By:
Now it's time to wrap up the 2010 poker year and take a look at the best bluffs, suck outs and other weird stuff that happened in poker.
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Suck Out and Dance Like a Chicken

If you're going to suck out, make sure you do it in the later stages of the WSOP Main Event. And when you've done it, make sure you jump around and scream like a chicken on speed.

It's not Invading Poland - But F*****G Close

In The World Cup of Poker, each country sends a team of players to defend its colors. Three minutes into this clip, Sascha Cornils brings shame to Germany.

Cry Me a River

In the 2009 WSOP Main Event, Matt Affleck went from being chip leader to busting out in 80th place. In 2010, he came back and again used his aggressive game to go deep. This time it ended in tears.

When Your Nothing Beats My Nothing

When you face a $48k bet on the river in a $320k pot, you must be very weak to fold. But on the other hand, who would make such a sick bluff? The answer is: Marcello "luckexpress" Marigliano.

Thuritz Wins the Hand as 0% Favorite

At the final table of the $50,000 Players' Championship, Mikael Thuritz blinded himself all in pre flop. On the flop, he had 0% chance of winning the hand. On the turn he improved to 8%. On the river he was back down to zero. Yet he won the hand!?

The Mother of All Action Cards

When two players pray for the same card, action will happen when it comes. If those players are Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey, it just might end up in a record-breaking pot.

Negreanu, Will You Ever Win!?

Considering that Daniel Negreanu never wins on High Stakes Poker (and prior to this had lost with trip nines against Matusow's kings full), this hand deserves a spot on 2010 sickest-hands toplist.

Best 11 Minutes of Robl's Life Turns into the Worst

Dan Harrington says only a fool folds a set because he suspects his opponent holds a higher one. How about quads? Has anyone in the history of poker managed to fold four-of-a-kind?

To Be a Hero You Must Be a Donkey Sometimes

To succeed with hero calls, you need to make some unsuccessful attempts once in a while. When you think about it, they're equally sick - but maybe not as spectacular.

A Simple Way to Get Rid of a Bad Kicker

Hands like A7 and K7 off are known as trouble hands. The bad kicker often gets you into trouble. So why not swap a card with your opponent?

What Goes on in Phil Ivey's Mind

I think that you think that I think you're strong. Therefore you think that I think that you're weak. Since Greenstein, who we both thought was semi-strong, got out of the hand, you'll fold when I ship in with 5-2 ... or something like that.


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