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Satelliting Your Way into the WSOP

14 April 2010, By:

One way that you can offset some of this investment is via satellites.  Satellites offer players the ability to win their way into an event for a minimum of investment.  In this article, we will explore some of the satellite options that you have at the World Series of Poker.

Single Table Satellites

The most common satellite type that you will find at the WSOP is single table satellites.  These satellites start as cheap as $65 and go all the way up to $1,000.  These satellites are winner takes all and most start with 1,500 in chips.  Blinds move up every 15 minutes.  You will likely only see $65 satellites run on the very first day that satellites are run.  A $65 satellite pay a $500 entry.  This is good for the Employee's Event and any tournament or satellite $500 or less.

The next level of satellite is a $125 satellite.  This pays a $1,000 seat.  The $175 satellite pays a $1,500 seat. $225 pays a $2,000 entry. $330 satellites pay a $3,000 entry. $500 satellites pay a $5,000 entry.  A $1,000 satellite pays the entry into a $10,000 event.  All of the mentioned satellites pay out satellite chips in the amount of the entry.  These chips can be used as the player sees fit.

Multi-table Satellites

Each day there will be mutli-table super satellites to the WSOP Main Event.  These satellites pay out a set number of entries depending on the prize pool.  If the prize pool is $35,000, then three seats will be paid and usually some cash to fourth.  The most common super satellite is the $550 satellite.  There are some $330's and closer to the Main Event you will see some $1,080 supers ran.  This year, $2,080 super satellites will be ran closer to the start of the Main Event.  Also, there will be a $1,080 turbo mega held on July 8th, the last Day 1 of the Main Event.

If you are interested in playing the $50,000 Players Championship, you will only be able to satellite your way in on May 27th. $2,250 satellites will be held three times that day for the event.  If you want to enter the $25,000 Six-Handed NL event, you can play in $1,570 events from June 27th to 29th for that event.

These satellites pay out a bit differently than the normal single-table events.  In these events, you get a seat voucher as opposed to chips.  The only exception is if you have already purchased your seat for the event you are playing the satellite for.  If that is the case, you must have proof of the seat.  Then you will receive satellite chips as normal.

Keep in mind that you do not have to start at a certain level to satellite your way into a larger event.  If you play and win a $125 satellite, you can use the chips from that to enter a $1,000 satellite.  Also, the satellite chips that you win do not have any cash value and cannot be used in subsequent years.  If you do not use them, they become worthless.  Some people will choose to sell the chips to other people, typically at a discount.  It is better to get $450 or $480 for a $500 satellite chip than to lose the entire value.

The above satellites offer you the best chance to save money on entering WSOP events.  These satellites also offer great practice for the upcoming event.  Even if you do not make the money in the event, at least you can say that you got to play the WSOP at a discount.

For more information on satellites and the events of the 2010 WSOP, check out the WSOP homepage at Of course you may also satellite your way into the WSOP at online poker sites, too.

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