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Riess Takes on Farber in WSOP Main Event Final

5 November 2013, By:
JC Tran started as the chip leader for the WSOP November Nine but it's Jay Farber and Ryan Riess who will battle for the bracelet on Tuesday.
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JC Tran started as the chip leader for the WSOP November Nine but it's Jay Farber and Ryan Riess who will battle for the bracelet on Tuesday.

Chip Leaders Falter

JC Tran and Amir Lehavot both came into the November Nine as chip leaders and many were pegging Tran as the champion back in July.

The phrase "that's why they play the game" definitely applies to this event as neither player was able to get anything going at the final table.

Tran ultimately finished in fifth place after getting unlucky against Farber. Tran moved in with Ah-7s and Farber made the call with Ks-Qh.

Farber spiked a king on the flop and that pair held to send Tran home in fifth. Tran admitted prior to the final hand that he had not seen a pocket pair all day.

Lehavot ran ice cold at the final table and managed to only win one hand at showdown. While running bad, he still managed to make three-handed play. Unfortunately, he ran pocket sevens into the pocket tens of Ryan Riess and hit the rail in third.

Pandas, Fan Psychology and Pimp Suits

Many complained that the final table was somewhat bland compared to other final tables, but it still managed some memorable moments. Perhaps the most memorable moment came via Jay Farber's rail.

One of Farber's supporters decided to dress up as a giant Panda to work up the crowd. After a while, someone reportedly paid that person to rush the Penn & Teller stage. What ensued was hilarity.

Taking a page out of Jackass, he face planted not once but twice on the stage before Rio Security escorted him out of the theater and outside the casino. For the next few minutes, fans started chanting to free the Panda but he was not allowed back in.

Marc McLaughlin was another bright spot at the final table. While he struggled for a portion of the final table, his railbirds used a unique form of psychology to work the other players.

When McLaughlin was in the big blind the fans started chanting "Larry Walker." If someone decided to raise, fans would boo the raiser. If Marc received a walk, he would get up and leap into the crowd.

Jonathan Duhamel explained to Kara Scott of ESPN that Larry Walker was a popular baseball player from Canada and that they were using the Larry Walker chant to put a subliminal message to give McLauglin a walk. He actually received several walks during the final table.

Speaking of Duhamel, he was dressed in an outfit that some thought looked like a bad Riddler costumer but really looked more like an Irish pimp suit.

Jay Farber Leads Ryan Riess for the Bracelet

Jay Farber dominated at the final table and will take 105 million in chips into action on Tuesday night. Ryan Riess played a solid game throughout the final and will start heads-up action with 85 million.

Blinds are 500k/1M with 150k ante once play resumes, meaning that both players are very deep. This has the makings of being a long heads-up battle.

Play will resume Tuesday night on ESPN at 9pm ET and play until a bracelet winner is determined. In addition to the bracelet, Farber and Riess are playing for $8.35 million in prize money.

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