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When Doyle Speaks - The Poker World Listens

23 May 2009, By: compncards

In certain circles, some people are so respected that if they look favorably upon that person, that person is almost immediately elevated. For example, back in the days when Johnny Carson ran the Tonight Show, if a comedian was invited to come sit and talk with Carson, that comedian’s career was made. Comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld and even Jeff Dunham can attribute a great amount of their success due to Carson’s blessing.

Doyle Brunson would be the equivalent figure in the poker world. While poker isn’t comedy, when Brunson speaks, people listen. I think that more people may want to take a listen to Brunson in regards to Amarillo Slim.

Amarillo Slim pleaded “no contest” in 2003 to misdemeanor assault charges to get felony charges of indecency with a child dropped. Slim recently said in an interview with that he did this to protect his family and that the charges were bogus. He even stated that his family has signed affidavits that state this. However, as a result of these charges, Slim has not enjoyed the same benefits associated with the poker boom that many legends of the game have received.

This is what Brunson said this past Monday on his blog about Slim,

“Amarillo Slim is the other person that is under scrutiny. He was indicted for some vague thing that happened with his granddaughter. Slim might have said or done something that was inappropriate, but to call him a pedophile or child molester is ridiculous. I spent 10 years traveling and playing poker with Slim and I never saw one thing that I thought was wrong in that area. Poker owes Slim a lot and he should be recognized for that. I don’t know how many years I’ve got left, but I would like to bet double or nothing Slim Preston is no “child molester”.”

In regards to Slim, I think perhaps we should listen a little to what Brunson says. Doyle doesn’t usually speak out on something unless he feels it pretty deep. He has too much of a reputation to uphold.

However, I found his words about Russ Hamilton very telling as well. Doyle said the following:

“Russ Hamilton is caught between a rock and a hard place. Russ is accused of being the mastermind behind the cheating scandal at UB. The evidence looks like Russ is guilty but I’ve learned to wait for the verdict to be handed down.”

Notice the difference. Brunson mentions nothing other than it looks like the evidence makes Hamilton look guilty. There is no attempt at a defense here. To me the line of waiting for a verdict to be handed down seems to be him saying, “Ya, he’s guilty, but he may get away with it.”

Looks like Doyle just gave the equivalent of Carson’s “polite applause.”

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