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Phil Ivey Suspended for Multi-Accounting

1 April 2010, By: compncards
phil ivey 300x200
phil ivey 300x200

Full Tilt Poker announced today that Phil Ivey's red pro status has been suspended for six months following an investigation that revealed multi-accounting on his part. Full Tilt's media liaison April Lewbonky told media members in attendance "Mr. Ivey has been spotted playing under the account "Studdly" in lower stake games on the sites and in smaller tournaments. Upon further investigation, we discovered that the account originated from his IP address and further study of hand histories pointed that Mr. Ivey was the likely player behind the account."

According to Lewbonky, the account was funded via a $50 freeroll where he took 3rd and then subsequently ran the money up via Rush Poker and other small buy-in sit and go tournaments. Upon being discovered, "Studdly" had worked his bankroll up to $13,250.

Howard Lederer was on hand and made the following comments, "Phil is aware of the outcome of the investigation and has cooperated accordingly. Phil was under the mistaken assumption that since he did not fund the account with anything other freeroll money, the account was legit. Phil's intentions for the account were good, but he just failed to follow the rules."

The "intentions" that Lederer spoke of was that Ivey had intended to run the account up to $50,000 and then donate the proceeds to the great Boys and Girls Clubs of America. PokerNews Nightly contacted the Boys and Girls Clubs and their reaction was as follows: "We appreciate the efforts of Mr. Ivey to help our young people and are disappointed with Full Tilt's reaction to his efforts. Maybe Mr. Lederer wouldn't be so boring if he had played more at a Boys or Girls Club when he was a kid."

No announcement has been made about whether Full Tilt would return funds to players or donate the money that Ivey had accumulated to charity.

Phil Ivey posted a statement on his twitter page regarding the incident. We will bring you more details as they become known.

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