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Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle to Appear on Amazing Race - Do You Care?

27 July 2009, By: compncards
maria ho tiffany michelle amazing race 297x300
maria ho tiffany michelle amazing race 297x300

According to reports, it looks like that Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle are going to be contestants in the Amazing Race on CBS. Although word is not official, there are rumors and a pic that shows Ho waiting for filming to begin for the Amazing Race at LAX.

If true, Ho and Michelle will be the latest poker players that have turned into reality TV stars. Jean Robert Bellande was famous for his appearance on Survivor and Annie Duke finished runner-up in the previous season of Celebrity Apprentice.

Anyone really care about this? Personally, I don't really care. It will not prompt me to watch the Amazing Race. I never watched one minute of Bellande on Survivor and the only time I watched Celebrity Apprentice was the clip online where poker players were called white trash by Joan Rivers.

It would have been nice to put another female poker player with Ho that has actually done something besides finishing as Last Woman Standing at the Main Event. After doing so in 2008, Tiffany Michelle has three cashes, and two of them relatively small. She went 0 for the 2009 WSOP and even skipped the Main Event. Of course, the Main Event was likely skipped for this filming. Ho has at least a bit of a resume after finishing as Last Woman Standing, including an 11th place finish in the Limit Holdem World Championship at this year's WSOP.

And please don't tell me that they picked Tiffany Michelle because she is hot. I'm sorry, but I will never find her hot. I'm not into Asians, but I find Ho a LOT hotter than TM. I still say put Cyndy Violette against Tiffany Michele and Violette will win. Then again, I think Jen Harman is hotter than Tiffany Michelle, but maybe I am just wired different.

Looks like we will be in for several months of Tiffany telling us how "hot and cute" she is.

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