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Isildur1 Gives RealKidPoker a Spanking

22 March 2011, By: compncards
Blom vs Negreanu
Blom vs Negreanu

In case you missed it this past Sunday, Daniel Negreanu took on Viktor Blom aka Isildur1 in the latest Pokerstars Superstar Showdown Challenge. More accurately, Daniel tried to take him on. For the first time since this challenge had been instituted, Isildur1 actually busted his opponent. It only took 1,439 out of the 2,500 hands for Isildur1 to defeat Negreanu.

I'll admit, based on what I had seen out of Negreanu in the days leading to this challenge, I didn't think he had a shot at winning. While I have felt that Isildur1 is a tad overrated as a whole, in heads-up NL he has an advantage over someone like Negreanu. That and the fact that Daniel had been donating to the $50-$100 games regularly seemed like a recipe for an Isildur1 victory.

Of course, I never saw the beat down coming that Daniel received. There were 14 pots in the challenge of $20,000 or more. In those pots, Blom ran 12-2. That is almost 86%. That is beyond sick. Also, in just about every big hand, if Isildur1 was behind, he hit. The final hand of the match was indicative. Isildur1 shoved all-in with A-K and Daniel decided to gamble with K-J. Daniel was obviously dominated pre-flop. The flop fell with a jack to give Daniel the lead. However, there was also a 10 on the board. I said to myself "watch, a queen's coming." Turn card, BOOM, a queen. No ace on the river for a chop and that was that.

But that was how Blom was running. In a way it almost seems unfair to Daniel. Blom had an advantage going into this and then he channels Phil Ivey's run good. It could have been worse I guess. It still may become worse as Daniel is going to fulfill the initial requirements of the challenge and come back next weekend with another $150,000. I honestly still think Blom will win, but there is no way that he busts him outright again, right?

What do you think?

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