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What to Choose: Poker Sign Up Bonus or Rakeback?

6 January 2010, By:
What should you look for when you open your first poker account: A large poker bonus or a rakeback deal?

The trends show that more and more players want rakeback, but that doesn't mean that it's the best option for the beginning poker player.

During the first online-poker boom in the early 2000s, everyone was searching the web for the best bonus deals for signing up and making a first deposit at a poker site.

Since poker on the net was such a new phenomenon, sites were handing out free money to any and everybody who wanted to take their game to their site.

In the last three or four years the poker community has matured and people who chose a site tend to stick around there for a longer time.

Because of that, they want a deal that gives them a steady flow of extra money as opposed to the big lump sum a poker bonus provides.

That's where rakeback comes in, as sites such as now make it easy for players to get a percentage of the rake they pay each month returned back to them at certain sites.

If we take a look at the poker trends in Google and compare the search terms "poker bonus" and "rakeback," it's rather clear that poker players' interest in poker bonuses is declining.

This doesn't necessarily mean that rakeback is the best option for a beginning poker player who tries out the game for the first time and wants to establish a bankroll.

Bonuses and rakeback both have their pros and cons that need to be balanced, and what is good for one player might not be the best option for another.

Beginning players are often struggling to learn the ropes and keep their heads above water, so for some a pokersignupbonus can be the best route to go, especially one that releases the bonus in small increments of $10 or $20.

Getting those $10 bonus payments every few days can be the difference in some players busting out and quitting the game or sticking with it for the long haul until they're profitable players.

You can also claim poker bonuses at nearly every site, whereas rakeback deals aren't offered by all the sites.

Plenty of poker players get started by hopping from site to site, and slowly building up their bankrolls through bonuses before they finally settle on a longer term online poker home.

If you've already been around the poker block and are break-even or winning a bit of money, however, a rakeback deal can often be the better option, especially for sites that credit your rakeback on a daily or weekly basis.

You'll get the same advantage of regular money flowing into your account based on how much you play plus it won't stop when the bonus is cleared, as you'll be able to receive rakeback for as long as you play on that site.

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