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Poker Stars 50 Billion Hands - Massive Cash Giveaways

13 September 2010, By:
Poker Stars approaches 50 billion hands and there will be special promotions at the biggest poker site in the world.
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When Poker Stars approaches its 50 billionth hand there will be some extra specials at the biggest poker site in the world.

The number is elusive but definitely very, very large. If you put 50 billion poker chips in one stack it would reach exactly halfway to the moon.

Of course this is cause for celebration, and there will be some at Poker Stars. The players will get a share of it too.

As a matter of fact, one extra million of dollars is up for grabs. Not bad at all.

Apart from some extra tournaments such as super sit-and-gos and depositor freerolls, there will be the traditional cash giveaways in certain pre-defined milestone hands.

300 Milestone hands

Starting with hand 49,700,000,000 and ending with hand 50,000,000,000, cash prizes will be handed out to the players in every millionth hand. This is a total of 300 milestone hands.

If you're lucky to play in such a milestone hand, you receive $50 for each VPP you've earned during the last 50 hands at that table. Plus $50 for just being there.

Example: If you earned 30 VPPs you get $1550.

On top of that, if you win a part of the pot in that hand, your prize is doubled. $1550 becomes $3100 and so on.

Mega Milestone Hand

The last milestone hand - hand number 50,000,000,000 - is called the Mega Milestone Hand for good reasons.

If you're one of the players in the Mega Milestone Hand, you receive $500 for every VPP you earned according to the same rules as above, plus $500 for starters.

In addition, all players in this hand get a seat in the $5,200 WCOOP Main Event on September 26.

Furthermore, every player who wins a piece of the pot in the Mega Milestone Hand gets his or her prize doubled - plus a share of $50,000 that will be equally split between the winners.

Example: With the same figures as in the above example, if you win the whole pot you'd receive a cash prize of $81,000!

If I were you, I'd go all in pre flop in hand number 50,000,000,000. I know I will.

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