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The Poker Player's Prayer

14 October 2009 , By: compncards
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For those of you that watched PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge on Fox, you are aware of Father Andrew Trapp, also known as the "Poker Playing Priest. " In honor of his performance on the show, I offer the following, "Poker Player's Prayer. " Our father who art in Vegas, Doyle be thy name. The flop has come, We'll bet the come, With 9 outs just as well as 4.
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World Poker Tour Sold to PartyGaming

2 25 August 2009 , By: compncards
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The World Poker Tour is now owned by PartyGaming. On Monday, Peerless Media, a subsidiary of PartyGaming, purchased the rights to the World Poker Tour for $12. 3 Million and 5% participation and gaming revenues generated by the assets. This deal is better than the original $9 Million deal offered by Gamynia Limited earlier in the month.
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Do You Still Watch Televised Poker

4 3 August 2009 , By: compncards
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How much televised poker do you still watch? Today, another website reported that NBC’s new Face the Ace program debuted in last place with 1. 59 Million viewers in the first half hour and 1. 54 Million in the 2nd hour. For most cable networks, this would be great, but for a major network, this is disastrous.
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Now THAT'S a Bad Beat

19 May 2009 , By: compncards
The other day someone pointed something out to me that I missed this past summer at the World Series of Poker in 2008. During one of the early days of the Main Event, Justin Phillips and a player by the last name of Mabuchi were involved in a big pot. Mabuchi bet out on the river with a board showing Ah-9c-Qd-10d-Ad. Phillips raised and then Mabuchi moved all-on a “gamble”.
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Annie Duke Loses Celebrity Apprentice - Or Did She?

2 12 May 2009 , By: compncards
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So, Annie Duke lost against Joan Rivers in Celebrity Apprentice. Does this really surprise anyone at all? It is a known fact that Rivers is a friend of Donald Trump, and regardless of what we are all told about the business world, the world of business can be one big popularity contest. However, let’s take a look at this a little deeper. How did each person come off to the American public as a result of this season of Celebrity Apprentice? Many people say that Duke came off looking like a bitch at times.
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