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The Poker Player's Prayer

14 October 2009, By: compncards
Super System 198x300
Super System 198x300

For those of you that watched PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge on Fox, you are aware of Father Andrew Trapp, also known as the "Poker Playing Priest." In honor of his performance on the show, I offer the following, "Poker Player's Prayer."

Our father who art in Vegas,

Doyle be thy name.

The flop has come,

We'll bet the come,

With 9 outs just as well as 4.

Give us this day our daily suckout,

And forgive us our bad beats,

Even though we rail against those that bad beat us,

And lead us not into Hellmuth,

But deliver us from Harrah's.

For thine is the flop, turn, and river,

Until we bust out,

I'm all-in.

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