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Negreanu totally off his game in High Stakes Poker

8 April 2009, By: I-PokerJunkie-I

In my opinion Daniel Negreanu is one of the most stable and consistent poker pros out there. I've rarely seen him make any big mistakes, but in the latest episode (#3) of High Stakes Poker season five his game totally falls apart.

It all starts with a hand he plays against Barry Greenstein. Negreanu gets pretty unlucky hitting a two pair on the turn when Greenstein has flopped the nut straight. And ends up making a questionable $50k call on the river. In the very next hand he gives up a $75k pot on the turn against Eli Ezra after reading the situation totally wrong. Not realizing that when a J hits on the A-K-Q board it's just as scary for Ezra (holding K-Q) as it is for him (A-8s). After that he's pretty quiet until the last hand of the episode where he loses his whole stack to David Benyamine in a $416,200 pot after making a very questionable raise. He should have listened to Benyamine when he said:

- Just be careful what you do.

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