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Matt Damon Discussing Rounders 2

7 July 2009, By: Charlie River

Rounders ended on a positive note - Mike McD leaving NY and his law studies for Las Vegas and a shot at the ultimate poker glory. What happened next?

Maybe we'll know one day soon, if Rounders gets a sequel. In this video interview from the WSOP Ante Up for Africa tournament, Matt Damon mentions the word sequel in connection with Rounders (one minute into the clip).

"I told (Brian) Koppelman and (David) Levien, the writers of Rounders, that we should be in Costa Rica making Rounders 2."

He tells us that all involved parties including Edward Norton would love to come back and make a sequel. But the writers/directors are very busy guys and it would take a really strong story idea to make it worthwhile.

I agree, building a rumor on this non-committing chat makes for a pretty thin soup. But on the other hand - hearing Mike McDermott - sorry, Matt Damon - speaking of a sequel to the cult poker movie of all times... Come on, that means something to us poker junkies.

Do it guys!

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  • the general 26/03/2010 4:52am (11 years ago)

    i think it would be cool to have prequil or whatever it is called go back and make a story about how KGB got to where he was, or the obvious rounders two is going to vegas and whatever trouble he gets into

  • Sweetlikehoney 05/01/2010 1:10pm (11 years ago)

    At (the International Movie Database) it is said that Rounders 2 is in development. Unfortunately more details are only given on the pro-site of IMDB. It would be nice (or not while it is hard to get a storyline as in Rounders 1 - and I would miss Teddy KGB ;-)).