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16 May 2010, By: Melissa Castello
Cartman Casa Bonita
Cartman Casa Bonita

Sorry that Ive been MIA lately folks.   Had a long two weeks of travel and poker.

First it was my bday April 29th so I went out to Colorado to visit a friend and party it up for the weekend. It was a blast, went to the Coors brewery to see how my fav domestic is brewed, went to a sexy circus, and had a bday dinner at Casa Bonita. If your not familiar with Casa Bonita check out the South Park episode season 7 episode 11. Its hilarious and exactly the same as its portrayed in the show! More Sopapillas!!!!

After a fun weekend in Denver I headed over to Vegas for some work I picked up thanks to a good poofta of mine. I spent 8 days doing stats for a new poker show airing on GSN this summer.  Can't tell you too much about the show but it is a cool new concept and Lacey Jones is the host. Doing stats requires me to watch every hole card dealt and catch the action. The game was played 4-handed and I tried my best to pay attention to hands and attempt to learn something from the pros. 16 hours 3 days in a row wears you down a bit and by the end of it I could've cared less about what was happening at the tables.

Sorry! I think the photographer was a little drunk and moving while taking the pic! (Eddy Sabat)

We didn't get too much time away from work to play but I did have a decent session of BJ on the last night winning about $400 which I then blew the next day in penny slot machines and at the pai gow table before heading back to LA.

I have a few more days here then heading to Nicaragua for some pre-WSOP fun with some friends from Chicago. Finally a non-poker vaca, it's been a while since Ive had one of those!

I'll be back at it in Vegas about May 31st where I'll be bringing you lots of updates and interviews!

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