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HSP6: Tight-Weak Hellmuth Loses and Quits

16 February 2010, By: Charlie River

When the sixth season of High Stakes Poker sets off, Phil Hellmuth quickly busts out and chooses not to rebuy.

During the first few hands, Hellmuth collects a bunch of really nice starting hands. Which he folds, either pre-flop or after limping and missing the flop.

He folds AQo preflop. He button limps with AQs. He folds overcards on the flop.

All in all, it’s a tight and weak line of play that gets him nowhere against guys like Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Daniel Negreanu etc. Who incessantly needles him for his play and his pretentious talk.

Laughing at the expense of Phil Hellmuth

Despite fine starting hands, Hellmuth quickly loses $50K. He comments on this fact and get smacked in the face by Gus Hansen.

Hellmuth: "I had AJ or better every other hand so far and I'm down 50K"

Gus: "Which must be nice."

(Admittedly he also runs into some strong hands.)

Then Hellmuth changes gears completely or starts steaming, whichever is more appropriate, and starts playing any kind of hand, like T7 and J5.

A really loose game that he probably can’t really handle. At least not against those players.

He quickly loses the rest of his $200K buy-in with J5 and immediately leaves the game.

The other players sit silent. Maybe they’re actually a bit ashamed of their behavior towards Hellmuth.

With his in-game persona, Hellmuth certainly knows how to get people started. But maybe there’s a limit to how much fun you can make of a person at a poker table before it stops being funny anymore.

Maybe even when it’s Phil Hellmuth.


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