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Doyle Wants Eye Candy on High Stakes Poker

20 October 2009, By: compncards

I woke up today to discover the following tweet from Doyle Brunson:

“TexDolly: ok, no Vanessa on High Stakes Poker as a commentator. My votes are Lacey, Shana, or Amanda. Eye candy is always nice :-)”

Now before Lady Junkie gets on here writing up a blog about Doyle being a sexist bastard, I wanted to comment on Doyle’s choices.

Lacey Jones: I know that I am wired weird, but I do not find Lacey all that uber-hot. I mean, she is ok, but to me, that is about the size of it. Her body is good, but that is about it. The few interviews I have seen her do didn’t interest me that much either. Maybe I just got a bad sampling, but I would not make this my #1 choice, especially if we base it on Doyle’s “eye candy” material.

Shana Hyatt: Ok, I do find Shana extremely cute, and I won’t lie when I say that sometimes I would only watch the WPT to see her. Based on the “eye candy” material, this is a solid choice.

Amanda Leatherman: I actually know Amanda from working the 2008 WSOP. Amanda is very professional, cute, and personable. One thing I personally think sits her apart from the rest is her background in the game. Dating Joe Sebok clearly helps, but she is not just a report, she can play a mean game too.

Personally, I would throw Shannon Elizabeth into the mix in regards to hotties for consideration. I’ve played with Shannon at the 2007 WSOP and got to cover her during the last couple of years a little. She is a competent enough of a player to do well on the show and not look totally out of place.

I still don’t like the whole female host bit, especially if it’s going to be just for sex appeal or eye candy. No, I am not doing that for the feminists out there. I like the way that High Stakes Poker has went over the last few years, and really believe that the poker can sell the product. Drop Benza and leave Gabe in the booth alone for all I care. Just don’t make this Poker After Dark: Cash Game Edition.

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