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Do You Still Watch Televised Poker

3 August 2009, By: compncards
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How much televised poker do you still watch? Today, another website reported that NBC’s new Face the Ace program debuted in last place with 1.59 Million viewers in the first half hour and 1.54 Million in the 2nd hour. For most cable networks, this would be great, but for a major network, this is disastrous.

This got me thinking about how much televised poker that I watch. Personally, I watch very little televised poker anymore. There is very little in the way of the game that “interests” me on television. Last year, I only watched a couple of episodes of the WSOP to see if I would get on camera any. (I did, but it took until almost the end of the last potential episode that I might be in to find me.)

Sometimes I watch High Stakes Poker. It depends on who is at the table. If Jen Harman or Doyle is playing, I might see what’s going on. Also, if Mike Matusow is playing, I might watch. Otherwise, not so much. For myself, the main reason I don’t watch is that everything is Holdem and nothing is really done that is new and different. I liked Poker After Dark when it came out, but after a while I even grew tired of that. With ESPN deciding to televise only Holdem events this year, I haven’t been motivated to watch.

Part of it may be due to the fact I am usually on top of what happens and know what is going on ahead of time. I was talking to someone recently and they are waiting until ESPN plays the Main Event before they find out who made the final table. They have no clue Ivey is at the final table, and they asked me not to tell them. That’s great if you have that type of patience, but I’m not wired like that.

Also, I haven’t watched the WPT for over two years. Granted, their production value is better than most other shows, but seldom does a lineup intrigue me. I might watch the Ivey win if I catch it rebroadcast, but only to watch Ivey play.

Right now, it takes something pretty big to get me to watch. Odds are I will watch the November Nine due to the fact that Ivey is there. I probably won’t be watching Face the Ace. How about you? How much televised poker do you still watch?

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  • Peter g 23/12/2009 2:22am (11 years ago)

    Right on !! Damn I'm getting addicted to your blog :)

  • compncards 15/12/2009 7:45pm (11 years ago)


    I know what you mean about HSP. Im still not a huge fan of PAD, even with their cash games. However, I will watch PAD over the WSOP in many cases. The only reason I watched it last year was to see if I could see myself in the background at all as I was part of the media covering it.

  • Martin 15/12/2009 5:00pm (11 years ago)

    The thing is that tournament play is unbelievably boring. It might be interesting to see the final table of the WSOP, but only to watch the players’ reactions rather than watching all-ins and cards being turned over. HSP, however, is still a great show in my opinion, and Poker After Dark's cash games.

  • Sportsbook 14/12/2009 2:44am (11 years ago)

    I really liked your blog! I have added you to my google news feeder.