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WSOP Ratings Down 16% - Gee, Big Shock

7 September 2010, By: compncards
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Through the first six weeks of coverage of the WSOP Main Event on ESPN, ratings are down about 16% year over year.

Watch me as I make my shocked face:

Ok, once more...with feeling!

Phil Hellmuth isn't the greatest Holdem player alive?

In reality, I don't think that ANYONE is really shocked that the ratings are down thus far.

Yes, people were hopeful after ratings were strong for the $50,000 Poker Player's Championship, but in reality, I doubt anyone thought that the early rounds of poker's lottery would really captivate.

Of course Mizrachi drew numbers. Hell, I even watched and I haven't watched since.

I am more interested to see how the later episodes do once we get closer to the final table. My prediction was that ratings would really drop for the November Nine unless something really big happened at the final table.

While Michael Mizrachi making the final table is huge, I don't see that being enough to keep ratings from sliding. If Phil Ivey couldn't keep ratings from slipping, I doubt any one personality could.

I predict as much as a 25% drop for the November Nine ratings. It will likely be between a 10 and 15% drop.

How about you? What do you think of this year's coverage so far? Are you tuning in or have you given up on watching the WSOP like I have?

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