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WSOP Day 14 Update #2 - Drunk Singing & A Trickett Wonderland

11 June 2010, By: Melissa Castello
IMG 0214 400x300
IMG 0214 400x300

It's been a pretty mellow day at the WSOP today, aside from the rowdy $5k final table. $1,500 PLO and $1,500 7-card Stud both had starts today, $10k 2-7 Lowball is down to 3 tables, $2k limit is down to 2 tables and the $5k NLH is at the final table with the largest rail to date.

Sitting in media row we are forced to listen to drunken fools singing a badly butchered version of the Beatles 'Yellow Submarine'. I assume this will only get worse as Jeff Williams acquires more chips and his fans acquire more booze!  We also can hear Sam Tricketts crew, a bunch of drunk Brits whistling tunes after being hushed from singing 'Walking in a Trickett Wonderland'.

A mellow Yellowsub fan

We're nearing the bubble in the 2-7 world championship with a $10K WSOP buy in but Barry seems like he may be more interested in sleep!

Barry doesn't even want to be there, not sure why that railer does

$2k Limit has some creepers left in the field.

Sick scarf bro!

Math teacher, serial killer, or F-train? You decide.


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