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What is PokerRoom Up To?

30 November 2011, By: compncards
PokerRoom 425x300
PokerRoom 425x300

Who among you remember The site was among the first online poker sites to offer poker for real money.

It ran from 1999 to 2009 when its owner, bwin, decided to shut it down. Since then, the website has still existed but is mostly a feeder for bwin.

The site changed slightly in the last couple of days and now has a banner of "PokerRoom is up to something. We're going back to the future. But not in a DeLorean."

What exactly do they mean by this?

There hasn't been an announcement by bwin or the Ongame network regarding the site yet.

A lot of times when something like this happens, it means that the site has been sold and is about to get a redesign by the new owners.

However, that would seem a bit strange for bwin to sell the site unless it wasn't very profitable .

Anyway, apparently people can sign up to the site and become informed about when PokerRoom finishes whatever it is it has up its sleeve.

I'm sure we will find out something soon.

That is unless Full Tilt management gets hold of it, which means it may be six months before we get a press release telling us about a future press release.

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