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Victory Poker Leaving Cake Poker Network for Cereus?

25 March 2011, By: compncards
Victory Poker
Victory Poker

Cake Poker announced on Thursday that they had entered a "strategic partnership" with The translation for those of you that don't speak poker business speak is that the Cake Poker Network was sold to PokerListings. was a part of the Cake Network and has apparently said "oh hell no" to the deal. According to a press release by, the site has left the Cake Poker Network and is heading over to the Cereus Poker Network.

Yes, as in UB and Absolute Poker. From Cereus' vantage point, this is a fantastic move. They will gain pros such as Antonio Esfandiari, Andrew Robl and Lee Markholt.

However, how wise of a move is this for Victory? Cereus and UB/AP haters are going to instantly start crying foul over this move and some will likely start to assume that the site is crooked just by their association.

Personally, I think Victory is indeed taking a big risk with this move in regards to image. At the same time, the move could help to improve the Cereus Network's image as now they have a site that is not viewed as crooked by the poker community.

Hopefully, Victory's image does not get ruined by the move, but that is the risk they take. In poker, as in life, you are lumped in with those you associate with. Just ask Joe Sebok about image tarnishing.

Granted, this news has not been officially announced by either Cereus or Victory Poker, but neither site has put out reports to the contrary either.

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