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Uses for Your Full Tilt Installation CD's

25 May 2012, By: compncards
Skeet Shooting 405x300
Skeet Shooting 405x300

Earlier today, I was looking for a small mirror and wound up grabbing an old Full Tilt installation cd.  Probably the first time I have ever used it for any purpose whatsoever.

It got me to thinking about the millions of disks around the world that are now just collecting dust.  There has got to be something more to do with them than just junk them right?  Here are some ideas.

Travel Mirror

Small and compact, the Full Tilt installation disk makes a great travel mirror for those always on the go.  Use it while shaving, combing your hair, or checking for rats under your hotel bed.

Coasters or Trivets

Need to put something down so you don't make rings on your coffee table?  Try a Full Tilt installation disk.

Cup too hot to handle after heating it in the microwave?  Put it on the disk.

Target Practice

Still waiting for your repayment?  Have Daniel Negreanu type anger issues towards Howard Lederer?

Take your Full Tilt installation disk and mount it on your practice range or load it on your skeet launcher and PULL!

Pooper Scooper

Pets leaving presents for you when you get home from work?  Don't waste paper towels getting up the mess.  Grab your Full Tilt installation disk.

Isn't it fitting that a piece of shit company is used to pick up pieces of shit?

Have an idea I missed?  Feel free to share your own ideas for uses for your old Full Tilt installation disks.

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