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UB Cuts Full Roster of Pros as a Result of Black Friday

9 May 2011, By: compncards
Joe Sebok 199x300
Joe Sebok 199x300

The hammer has fallen on UB's roster of sponsored pros.

Blanca Gaming released a statement saying that "Blanca’s executive management team today informed its roster of sponsored pros that, in accordance with the provisions of their agreements, their contracts have been terminated."

According to the press release:

"The full list of affected pros is as follows: Joe Sebok, Prahlad Friedman, Eric “Basebaldy” Baldwin, Maria Ho, Brandon Cantu, Tiffany Michelle, Scott Ian, “Hollywood” Dave Stann, Adam “Roothlus” Levy, Bryan Devonshire and Trishelle Cannatella."

I seriously doubt anyone is surprised at this. With all that has gone on lately with the site laying off most of its staff, rumors of bankruptcy, etc, this was the next logical step.

In a way you have to feel bad for most of these guys. They put their rep on the line, especially Joe Sebok, and have come to find out that the site was just as corrupt as ever.

Now they have nothing to show from it, and their reps have taken perhaps an irreparable hit.

Joe Sebok shortly afterwards wrote a "Final Statement blog" where he revealed that:

1.  He had no power at UB and was just a consultant.

2.  He was naive and never had any mal-intent

3.  Returning player funds is a "goal" of UB, but no promises can be made.

4.  The released pros still have money tied up on the site.

It appears that the pros are now in the same boat as the rest of us.

The question remains, when are the other sites affected by Black Friday going to follow suit?

Full Tilt has around 200 pros on its roster and PokerStars has its own group of players that are essentially dead weight. Don't be surprised to see more announcements like this coming out in the next month.

Of course, they won't be left high and dry like it appears that the UB pros will be.

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