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Top 10 Badly Dressed Poker Players

3 September 2009, By: I-PokerJunkie-I
justin p
justin p

Fashion Nightmares on the Poker Circuit

The eminent fashion blogger Élan from Fashion Houston has helped us rate and comment the fashion crimes on the poker circuit. With a long experience from the catwalk, she holds the fashion axe in a firm grip and is not afraid to slay the ones without style.

10. Justin Phillips

Playing poker dressed in a wife beater is just unstylish. From this photo we can’t even tell whether or not Justin Phillips has any pants on. But this fashion crime might have provided some sort of poker mojo. We all remember the bad bet from WSOP 2008 , but at the time he was dressed in white, which is even more appalling.

Élan s(l)ays: Even people with properly squared shoulders and male supermodels should stay away from wife-beaters. They are unflattering and make people look busty. Not appealing on a man. And is he inside?

9. Sam Farha


Élan s(l)ays:

8. Marcel Luske


Élan s(l)ays:

7. Phil Hellmuth


Élan s(l)ays:

6. Johnny Chan


Élan s(l)ays:

5. David "Devilfish" Ulliot


Élan s(l)ays:

4. Kathy Liebert


Élan s(l)ays:

3. Scotty Nguyen


Élan s(l)ays:

2. Andy Black


Élan s(l)ays:

1. Gavin Smith


Élan s(l)ays:

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    Fantastic work!

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    I think Gavin is totally rad, stop annoying me. Do you have an email I can send mails to. Keep up the work. why is it this blog about Gavin. Since I was young, he was my idol. this is appropriate.

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    Excellent article!