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Things to Do Instead of Trolling 2+2 Forums

27 April 2012, By: compncards
2+2 Outage 430x257
2+2 Outage 430x257

Yesterday, TwoPlusTwo forums were shut down after a hacker proved that he had the ability to both access email addresses and decrypt passwords.

Most of the evening was spent by 2+2 members obsessing over passwords and overcoming withdrawal symptoms.  Personally, I went to an auction.

The forum remains closed while they work on a way to patch things up.  While you wait, here are my suggestions of things to do during the 2+2 outage.

Take a Shower

You won't miss anything if you walk away from the computer since the forums are offline.  Maybe it is time to go take a shower or something.

That smell isn't your dirty socks or last weeks leftovers.  That's probably you kickin' like Bruce Lee.

Irish Spring is not a brand of water fromIreland.  Your hair should not have more grease than your french fries.

That's not a tan on your arms, that's dirt.

Rinse, later, repeat x 2 at least.

Go Outside

Tom Dwan should not sparkle.  Ok, so he isn't a vampire, but the kid seriously needs some sun.  Some of you do too.

Personally, I just got back from a day of hunting the yard sales in the local area.  I have this affliction developing called a tan and fitness.

The air really is fresher outside and the exercise is good for you.

Get Laid

Rosey and her five friends are getting tired and your hot chicks threads are currently offline.

It is time to go out and find someone of the opposite sex, or same sex if that is your preference, and go all-in so to speak.

Sex is fun, and healthy.  It is indeed more fun than poker and trolling forums.  Trust me.  I never lie....unless you pay me.

Play Poker

Wow, there's a novel thought.  Instead of trolling the forums talking about poker, maybe you could know...actually play some poker.

Trust me ladies and gentlemen, you will survive this.  Kevmath is alive and well and will be back soon.

"I survived the 2012 2+2 forum outage" t-shirt arriving soon.


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  • Charlie 28/04/2012 12:42am (9 years ago)

    Things to do instead of trolling 2+2...

    Check out Pstars pro blogs, loads of really good reading in there and entertaining insights. I swear poker wouldn't be 1/10th as attractive for me if it wasn't for Pokerstars.

    Find another hh site seen as PTR have taken stars off (I've found but not sure any others that appear to be reasonable.

    Hit CTRL P and watch some pros play on pokerstars... hmm yeah there does seem to be a poker theme here - I think I should get out more!