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The Portuguese Scamming Prodigy Strikes Again

9 August 2011, By: compncards

In the "Gee, I never saw that coming...not" category we have Jose Macedo, aka Girah.

For those of you who don't know who he is, he is not the monster of the week from the 60's and 70's Godzilla films. He is the supposed "Portuguese Poker Prodigy" that the online world has been nuts about in recent months.

Back in May, Macedo was disqualified from the Lock Poker BLUFF Pro Challenge after it was discovered that he multi-accounted. He "claimed" that his backer logged into his account while he was asleep.

Now, it appears that yet another instance of cheating has been both uncovered and admitted to.

Let me fake my shocked look for a moment:

Essentially, Girah convinced people from a private strategy group to login and play against a player by the screen name of sauron1989.

This guy was supposed to be a fish, but in fact ended up taking the players for over $30k. It appeared that Girah was multi-accounting yet again.

Either that, or he was colluding with sauron1989 and playing partners on the same account.

Players were suspicious and found out both Girah and sauron1989 seemed to logon and logoff of Skype at the same time. Players even contacted his "friends" and "backers" Daniel "Jungleman12" Cates and Haseeb "Dogishead" Qureshi regarding the matter.

Now Macedo has issued a statement via his blog stating pretty much the same he did in May.

The skinny of it is he's young, he did something stupid and please don't hold this against him even though this is the 2nd admitted cheating scandal that he has admitted to since May.

I don't care how "young" he is, what he was doing there was clearly cheating. Now the question is what will happen. He has lost his sponsorships and those that were closest to him have supposedly cut ties with him.

I say supposedly because unless your name is Russ Hamilton, it seems that online cheaters get a pass after a while. (Yes Bonomo, there is a Santa Claus.)

So, does Girah get a pass for this after a while and a "fresh start" because he is young, dumb and full of betting on the come?

Yes, I know he has claimed he will pay people back. Of course, I will believe that when I see it.

Typically people that stoop to this sort of scam do so for a reason. That reason wouldn't be for money would it? No ... of course not. (Insert sarcasm there.)

Stories like this reinforce why you need to be careful online. Not everyone is honest, and just because they are a pro or a big name does not necessarily mean they are your friend.

Poker is a game whose object is to take your money. Some will take any advantage they can to achieve that goal. In my opinion, those that get caught doing so should be booted out of the game.

Will that happen in this case? Probably not.

In six months or a year, Girah will probably resurface and "keep his nose clean" and get several "look at how Girah has turned it around" stories.

Or he'll refine his scheme and find new marks for his scams. If that is the case, does he continue to get to the use the "I'm sorry, I'm young" excuse or will some steps be taken to boot him for good?

Time will tell.

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