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The All-Time Money List - Sponsored by Full Tilt Poker

15 March 2011, By: compncards
Onyx Cup
Onyx Cup

Yesterday Full Tilt Poker announced the creation of the Onyx Cup. It is a series of live high.stakes tournaments with buy-ins from $100,000 to $300,000. In a nutshell, the top 3 players in each event get points toward the Onyx Cup.

At season's end, the player with the most points gets the cup and a sports car. The Main Event will have a $250,000 price tag and $1 million added.

Welcome to Poker's All-Time Money List - Sponsored by Full Tilt Poker

So about a month or so ago, the big debate was whether the All-Time Money List was valid.

Then we got the All-Time Money List, the All-Time List with events under $50k, the All-Time List with non-open events excluded, the All-Time List with non-open and over $50k events excluded, the All-Time List excluding Abba mp3s, the All-Time List including #Winning quotes, etc.

Now, with so many more mega-buy-in events being added, what will that do to the list?

The reason I ask is because only Full Tilt sponsored pros ... I mean people with more money than sense ... I mean poker's elite will be able to play.

Don't believe me? Do you see Kathy Liebert putting up $100,000 per event to play in these events? How about Matt Stout, Allen Kessler, Joe Sebok, or pretty much any pro not sponsored by a big name website and not named Phil Galfond, Doyle Brunson, or Phil Hellmuth? (I kinda don't see Doyle doing this much either.)

Basically, only a handful of players will be in these events and you will likely see some big jumps by players on the All-Time list that you may or may not see otherwise.

Oh, and speaking of big name sites, do you think PokerStars pros will really play in these events? Some of these Onyx Cup events are supposed to coincide with other big events such as the WPT and the World Poker Tour. If an NAPT event and an Onyx Cup event are both going on, the field is going to be primarily Tilt pros.

And that is what I really see this being, a Full Tilt Poker pro showcase. And to top it off, they will all be freerolling.

If they really wanted to see who the elite players are, they would make them pay their own money. Of course, that won't happen. Instead, what we will likely get is a field of pros and "online qualifiers" wearing Full Tilt patches, hats, and professing all things Full Tilt ... in 20 different languages and 40 countries worldwide.

All your high-stakes poker tournaments are belong to Full Tilt Poker.

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