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16 September 2010, By: compncards
SpadeClub 430x258
SpadeClub 430x258

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  • compncards 15/10/2010 5:57am (11 years ago)

    Have you contacted their support department to see if you have any remedy. I do think that players should have been offered refunds if they did not want to move. We had a similar situation happen the first time Doyle's Room back out of the US. They sent our bankrolls to Full Tilt, but we did have the option to cash out if we wanted to. I hope you find some type of resolution to your problem.

  • compncards 27/09/2010 12:00am (11 years ago)


    I'm happy to have you share it. Every site will have its following and people absolutely love it. I knew several players that were all aboard the site from day one and tried to sell me on it all the time. I just never bought into it.

  • JEN 25/09/2010 5:29pm (11 years ago)

    well.........i liked spadeclub. i only started to play about 4 weeks before it closed and had already won a free membership (something none of the other sites offer). the people were friendly and the site managable. yes, we all got rivered when they moved us to cardplayer...(the antique of poker sites), on that i agree. i'll miss spadeclub......don't really care about your opinion, just wanted to give mine.