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Rush Poker Not Patentable - Everyone Pile On

29 November 2011, By: compncards
Rush Poker 430x215
Rush Poker 430x215

Whether you loved or hated Rush Poker, you will probably not get it rammed down your throats.

The InstaDeal Poker Network is about to release its own version of the game and have revealed that Full Tilt was never able to patent the concept.

What this means is that within the next year or so, expect to see many more sites jump on the "Rush Poker" bandwagon.

But of course it won't be called that. It will probably be branded "Speed Poker" or "Lightning Poker" or something of that nature.

I would love to see some clever ideas for Rush Poker names like these below:

ADHD Poker

Blow Your Bankroll Poker

Hit and Run Poker

Waiting is 4 Losers Poker

Flash in the Pan Poker (Aka Jamie Gold Poker.  Oh wait, he has that already.)

At Least We Are Not Full Tilt Poker

I hope whomever picks up "Rush Poker" in the future will offer more than Omaha and Hold'em games.

I would love some Stud or Stud 8 Rush Poker. How about Rush Badugi or Rush Triple Draw?

How about you? Are you looking forward to playing Rush-style poker on other sites or is it a gimmick that has run its course?

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  • Mark Wall 29/11/2011 8:25am (9 years ago)

    It's a gimmixk, but a good one. I'd play it again.