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Reports Claim Barton Bill Could Pass By June

1 April 2012, By: compncards
Washington DC 354x300
Washington DC 354x300

In an unexpected turn of events, it now appears that the Barton bill will not only come up for a vote, but may actually pass.

Sources close to Capitol Hill reveal that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reed and Rep. Joe Barton have been in negotiations with key leaders in Congress over the last two weeks and have even met briefly with President Obama on the bill.

As sources have reported, recent jobless news has helped to change the minds of many Congressmen that were on the fence regarding the bills. The bill reportedly could created tens of into hundreds of thousands of new jobs throughout the United States and provide another needed tax revenue stream.

One of those sources quoted was lobbyist Robyn Martin with the Society for Fair and Equitable Gaming (SFEG). He stated, "Nevada's legalization of online poker as well as California, Iowa, and other states looking into the matter caught Congresses attention. Now they are scrambling to try and find a way for the nation as a whole to benefit."

Some sources have also claimed that this is a ploy by the Obama administration to pull in and keep the pro-online poker vote. With support waning in most key sectors, votes are becoming more and more important from groups that may have seemed unimportant four years ago.

Several groups currently oppose the Barton bill, including Indian tribes. Many tribes feel that their needs are not being met and some feel that the tribes could threaten legal action should the bill pass.

The opposition does not seem to be phasing Congress anymore. Joel McNulty of Citizens for the Right to Work said that, "Americans need jobs. Congress needs tax income. In the end, it comes down to making money. This bill can put Americans to work and provide tax income to Congress and the rest is really unimportant."

While some feel the passage by June is optimistic, others believe that it was inevitable after the DOJ memo on December 23rd of last year stating that the Wire Act of 1961 was only applicable to sports betting.

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