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Ray Bitar Given the Boot as Full Tilt CEO?

7 July 2011, By: compncards
Bitar 168x300
Bitar 168x300

According to a post on Wicked Chops Poker, Ray Bitar is out at Full Tilt Poker as the CEO and there is a good chance that the Alderney Gambling Control Commission will reinstate Full Tilt Poker's license.

If the story from WCP proves to be true, this will be some of the best news since it was announced that Full Tilt Poker is in talks to sell controlling interest in the company.

WCP made a great point about any new investor not wanting someone running the company that was indicted by the U.S. government. 

However, my question to those investors is, what about the others?

There are many with a vested interest in the company and it seems highly unlikely to me that all of them knew absolutely nothing about what Bitar and company were doing at Full Tilt Poker. 

I am not saying that those with a vested interest were there going "Sure thing Ray, pull the trigger." However, any observant person could see something was not right.

I pulled most of my money out when I noticed my withdrawals were coming as "investment dividends." Things weren't being hid very well at all and it seems they should have known things were fishy, and either didn't care or never thought they would get caught.

As such, if Full Tilt did indeed boot Bitar due to his indictments, why not the other? Scapegoat, fall guy, and other terms come to mind. 

I also agree with WCP in that it does seem a bit soon to reinstate the license. If it gets reinstated as soon as claimed, it almost would make one wonder if the AGCC did this to force Full Tilt to sell, which in itself would be unethical.

Of course, this is all speculation. In the end, I still think there is a lengthy road ahead before we get anywhere near getting paid.

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