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Ray Bitar Apologies as Poker World Collectively Flips Him the Bird

7 March 2012, By: compncards
Full of Shit Poker 430x256
Full of Shit Poker 430x256

Earlier today released an interview conducted with the Full Tilt press release writer.

Oh wait....that was an interview with Ray Bitar?  Seriously?

Looked like the press writer to me.

PokerStrategy threw Bitar three softball questions.  Two of which looked like they were ripped from Tommy Dreamer's "Voice of the Voiceless."  (Those that don't know what I am talking about look up his show on Youtube.)

The first question asked why he didn't make any public statements.  Ray started out saying that the ongoing legal process was why.

At that point the press release writer took over with the working every day to ensure people get paid line,

Next Bitar threw the hard hitting question of what he has been doing since Black Friday.  He starts off with "My life has drastically changed since last April."

Really?  I couldn't have guessed.  The rest continued to sound like the press release writer as he talked about cooperating with the DOJ, making sure the company survives, and he continues to work on them day and night until they are resolved.

Finally, he was asked if he would like to say anything to the online poker community.

Ray then offered his apologies and claimed that he was never attempting to hide, or ignore the situation.  The press release writer took over and wrote the "remaining focused on best outcome line as well as the hoping to have more information soon.

Awww, Ray is sorry.  I guess we should forgive him for screwing the world out of $400 Million right?  Let's all hug it out and get along.

Actually, no.  Let's not.  An apology isn't going to cut it for this one Ray Ray.  People want blood but will settle for their money and never seeing your face ever again.

Here are some of my favorite responses so far on Twitter:

@Haley_Hintze Ray Bitar in PokerStrategy interview: "My life has drastically changed since last April." No shit, Sherlock.

@NickBinger  Ray Bitar makes statement regarding Full Tilt Poker... and is still a scumbag.

Rick Fuller @Gamblindude Ray Bitar finally speaks and gives the most fake & pathetic apology I've ever seen. Can't wait to see @MattGlantz and @RealKidPoker response

Rick also added, "I didn't think it was possible for my opinion of Ray Bitar to go down. It just did. He should have remained silent. Scumbag."

Actually, rumor has it Daniel is shining up his bat real nice.

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