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Qureshi Admits to Chip Dumping and Cover-up for Prodigy Scam

12 August 2011, By: compncards

A couple of days ago, I wrote a blog about the Portuguese Scamming Prodigy, aka Jose "Girah" Macedo.

In that blog, I talked about Girah's admissions of guilt in his blog, etc. Now, even more evidence has come out regarding the case, including an admission by Haseeb Qureshi that makes things look even worse.

On Wednesday, Bluff Magazine posted a interview with Qureshi where he admitted to chip dumping to Macedo, multi-accounting on numerous occasions on both Lock Poker and on TwoPlusTwo, helping to cover up the scandal, and even admitted that he didn't verify that Girah's stats were real.

The chip dumping incident occurred on the last day of the Bluff Poker Challenge where he dumped $100k to Macedo via the account name SamChauhan.  Qureshi claimed that he did not know the challenge was going on and was upset at Macedo after finding this out.

First, I call bullshit on that.  Qureshi admitted in the interview that Girah ran nearly everything through him regarding posting on 2+2 and even twitter.  He said Macedo asked his advice on almost everything, so I find it hard to believe that he didn't know about the challenge.

Of course, this essentially adds collusion and blatant fraud to the charges against Macedo in my book.  He allowed Qureshi to dump $100k to him knowing full well that the stats would probably allow him to win.  Why not wait a day or two until the challenge was over?  He is a cheater, that is why.

Qureshi has "taken a break from poker" to go backpacking in Europe and clear his head.  The ironic part about this is that Macedo has also decided to take a break as well.  People have speculated for a while that Girah does not actually exist and that Qureshi fabricated all of this.  Either that or the kid does exist and the stats are totally fake.  It does seem strange both have decided to "walk away from poker" for the time being.  Coincidence?

And what is Dan "Jungleman12" Cates' involvement in all this?  His softball style interview with Bluff Magazine was as useful as a brick in a washing machine.  He will supposedly answer questions from the 2+2 community, but chances are that we won't really learn anything new.

It seems that the two (supposedly two) culprits in this scandal have been outed.  Now the question remains what will happen in the future.  Will Macedo be allowed back into the poker community, if he actually exists that is.  What about Qureshi?  Should he be banned from poker for his involvement?

What do you think?

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