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Preview Schedule Has Poker World Buzzing about the 2015 WSOP

31 December 2014, By: compncards

ICYMI, the dates for the 2015 World Series of Poker are out and a preview of the schedule is already available. The two items that have been most talked about since that release is the return of the $10 million Main Event guarantee and the $535 "Colossus" event on the first weekend.

Regarding the $10 Million guarantee, there's been a bit of controversy surrounding payouts. Some think that the $10 million for first is a great idea while others would rather see more people paid out or all final table participants receive $1 million.

Personally, I am in favor of the $10 million guarantee for first despite the fact that it will affect payouts. Based on my past, one would assume I'd be against it but one has to look at the bigger picture for the Main Event.

The one area that's struggled in the last few years is the Main Event. While other events have been breaking records, the Main Event has remained relatively flat plus or minus a few hundred.

The $10 Million guarantee helped boost numbers last year and I think it is a solid marketing draw for those looking to play in the event for the first time. Purist won't like the fact that lower payout levels don't get as much money, but aren't we supposed to be playing for first and not a min-cash?

Next, the Colossus Event has received a ton of praise for its low buy-in and massive guarantee. For $535, a player can compete for a bracelet and a share of a $5 million guarantee.

This is the lowest open field buy-in 30 years and with the re-entry structure; this event will surely set the record for largest open field event in history.

How can you not love this event? Yes, it is a re-entry event but I will tolerate that for a shot at $5 million.

What about devaluing the bracelet? Sorry folks, that's a moot point. Bracelets are already devalued with over 70 of them awarded annually.

However, how can you say that the bracelet for the largest field in the history of poker doesn't have value? Some bracelets are going to continue to be impressive even if we award 100 of them a year. This is one of those IMO.

WSOP officials got it right this year with their preview schedule. They have already begun generating buzz for the 2015 WSOP and we haven't even made it to the PCA yet. Great job.

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