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Prahlad Friedman a UB Pro - Sellout, Hypocrite, or Shrewd Businessman?

6 January 2011, By: compncards
Ted Dibiase 240x300
Ted Dibiase 240x300

Prahlad Friedman has officially signed as a UB sponsored pro. The announcement was made on UB's blog earlier today with a video of Friedman pointing out that he is joining the "new UB."

Among the initial reaction were cries of "sellout" from both fans and pros. Kathy Liebert (@pokerkat) asked " @prahladfriedman. How much $ does it take to sell out?"

Donkdown blogger and fellow pot stirrer @AsianSpa asked the question that many have over the last week "@PrahladFriedman WHY? WHY? WHY?" Poker fan "Cranky pants" (@C_Pants) stated "@PrahladFriedman you sold your soul to the devil"

There have also been some rumblings that Friedman is a bit of a hypocrite for signing with UB after coming out for a long time saying that he would never sign up for an online poker site. At the same time, others think that he is outright stupid for signing with a company that in the past has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from him.

User JT Bisson (@JTBisson) mentioned the following regarding the signing  " Did anyone consider that this might be the only way @PrahladFriedman will ever get his money back from @UB ? #justsaying" Granted, that would be an interesting way to get his money back, but at the same time, it also benefits UB.

Regardless of where you side on this matter, the signing has definitely drawn a lot of buzz, and that is clearly one goal that UB had hoped to accomplish when signing him. Personally, I could never sign with a company that stole money from me unless I was getting paid enough to forget about the money lost.

Could that be the case here? Will Friedman make enough to counter the losses extracted by Russ Hamilton and crew? Doubtful.

Former WWF / WWE wrestler "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase used to say that "Every man has his price" and it appears that UB may have found Friedman's price. Whether you think he is a sellout, a hypocrite, an idiot, or a shrewd businessman, the fact remains that he is a UB pro, so you better get used to it.

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