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Pot Dispensing "Poker Player" on This Season of Survivor

13 September 2011, By: compncards
Jim Rice 206x300
Jim Rice 206x300

In the "how is this poker news" category we have a supposed "poker player" by the name of Jim Rice that will appear on the current season of Survivor.

Not to be confused with baseball great Jim Rice of the Boston Red Sox, this guy has supposedly won 40 poker tournaments according to his CBS bio.

I guess 39 of those are online cause he only has one win listed on Hendon Mob.

Ok, to be fair, the guy does have $205k in lifetime winnings, so some might consider him "successful."

He also claims to have started numerous successful businesses and has an MBA.

With all that, his current occupation is "Medical Marijuana Dispenser."

Most of America just read that as "This guy distributes pot to potheads."

The poker world wants to compare him to Jean-Robert Bellande when he was on the show. So I take it that they expect this guy to lose too and be reduced to regularly posting tweets on how his bankroll sucks?

I'm sorry if this seems somewhat dull, but c'mon, it is Survivor. I think Gary Wise is the only person on this planet that doesn't work for CBS that can come close to making this show sound interesting.

So to Jim Rice, I wish you....ok, I don't really wish you anything. Even if you win "Survivor: We Really Don't Care Where You Are", most of us won't remember you in 6 months.

If you lose, poker fans "might" remember you. Or they will think you were a delusion when they got high on the pot you sold them.

Either way, this will probably be the last post on Survivor this year - and hopefully ever.

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