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Poker is Not the Issue Obama's Looking For

25 January 2012, By: compncards

If I've said it once, I've said it probably about 14 or 15 times in print. Poker is not that big of an issue to the public at large.

Tonight, I watched President Obama deliver the State of the Union address. He addressed many pressing topics that affect America as a whole.

When I look on Twitter, I can't count how many "are we going to get an online poker mention" or a "will he talk about Full Tilt repaying players?"

Really folks? Jobs, immigration, taxes, bank fraud, and all the issues out there and we are focused on poker?

Yes, it is a major issue to us involved, but it is a state issue first and foremost, and secondly, it's not as big of an issue.

Next, why would the President go on TV and nationally give an endorsement about something that is considered morally reprehensible by many and easy political fodder for the Republicans?

Besides, there are other issues that outweigh it that the President did not address.

What about marijuana legalization? That would produce a lot more money for the Government than online poker, especially if it is taxed and regulated like alcohol.

About the closest that he came to talking about online poker was "eliminating laws that make no sense."

That was about the only point that I gave it an inkling of a thought of having a shot of being talked about, but once he started "crying over spilled milk", the odds of poker getting a mention were zero.

Poker is not a major issue in the grand scheme of things in this country and not one that a incumbent President will latch onto for election year.

Poker is not the issue he is looking for.

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  • Gamervista88 25/01/2012 8:57am (9 years ago)

    Don't bother about poker. It's not a problem for the majority. Only who have lots of money and known as gamblers are into Poker.