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Phil Hellmuth Wins Bracelet #12 and the Fall of #BadJuju

11 June 2012, By: compncards
Hellmuth 12 199x300
Hellmuth 12 199x300

Phil Hellmuth finally took down his 12th WSOP bracelet last night by winning the $2,500 Razz Event.  This was going down while the "Tiger Woods of Poker", Phil Ivey, was going after his 9th over in the $10k PL Hold'em Event.

In the end, Hellmuth continued to add to his career total while Ivey just missed out.  Thinking about it, if Ivey is the "Tiger Woods of Poker", wouldn't that make Hellmuth Jack Nicklaus?

Think about it.  Hellmuth has all the title and is the one that the WSOP standard is measured by.

Ivey is the only person that right now has a realistic chance of catching Hellmuth.  I once thought that Erik Seidel had a shot too, but he needs to step it up and soon to really have any real shot as he is getting older.

About the only person not rooting for a Hellmuth win last night was AsianSpa.  Spa, or CorporateSpa as I have begun calling him really has it out for Phil.

He prayed for a cold deck during the entire final table, and yet it never came.  We all know that Hellmuth has eternal #BadJuju from Spa, but does Hellmuth's win cheapen #BadJuju?

It's bad enough that Spa has went corporate and his blogs tend to me more political than a Republican fundraiser, but now it seems he has lost his #BadJuju.

Hell, the other night he was rooting for Jeff Madsen.  Oh how the mighty have ass kissed, I mean fallen.

Now when Spa calls Hellmuth the "#CockSuckerofPoker", Hellmuth can point to his bracelet and go "#HellmuthApproved."

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