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Occupy Doyle Brunson

18 November 2011, By: compncards
Occupy Doyle Brunson 430x240
Occupy Doyle Brunson 430x240

For decades, the elite of the poker world have taken advantage of those poker players who were lesser skilled.

It's sad that players like Erik Seidel and Daniel Negreanu make millions at the game when the average grinder has barely enough to scrounge up a stake for a $1-$2 game.

It's time that poker players unite and show that they will not take it anymore. It is time for Occupy Doyle Brunson.

Why Doyle Brunson?

Because he is the symbol of everything poker. He wrote Super System and is recognized as the greatest living poker player alive.

As such, we will go camp out on his front lawn as well as Bobby's Room at the Bellagio so that the poker world will know our plight.

In addition, I would like poker players all over the world to for their own signs of support.

Don't worry about reading poker books, putting in hours at the tables or attending poker training sessions to improve your game.

Instead, join your fellow brothers and sisters and prove to the less than 1% that we will not take it anymore.

Perhaps we can start Occupy Binions, Occupy Bellagio or maybe even Occupy Caesars.

If we work together for the common good, we can overcome the evil poker players who take our money!!!

See how stupid that sounded?

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  • compncards 19/11/2011 4:34am (9 years ago)


  • Rich Santoro 18/11/2011 3:32pm (9 years ago)

    The concept does sound stupid. So does the premise. This article is on big fat fallacy.

  • Conan776 18/11/2011 4:51am (9 years ago)

    Unlike Wall Street, the Godfather of poker isn't playing us with a stacked deck ;)

    (Although his timing in quitting Doyle's Room was a tad suspicious, I'm willing to let that slide. Getting a tip-off isn't comparable with getting a bail-out.)