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Norman Chad - What Were You Thinkng?

3 February 2012, By: compncards
Norman Chad
Norman Chad

Before I begin, let me state that I like Norman Chad. While we are not friends, the few times we have either played together or interacted, he has been a good guy.

With that said, what the hell were you thinking Norm?

We know that your comic bits is part of your overall sportscaster gimmick, but most comedians know when to draw the line. Clearly you don't.

While I know you were trying to be funny during your stint as a juror, that was entirely not the time nor the place.

It doesn't matter if your tweets were over the top, they could have done serious harm to the proceedings that were going on at the time. Thankfully it was just a burglary case.

However, what if it weren't? What if someone would have been seriously hurt or even killed during the crime and the person was looking at murder or manslaughter charges. How would the following tweet look to the defense?

"During lunch break, I could've sworn I saw defendant getting into a white Bronco with Gloria Allred"

If I was the defense, I would be claiming jury tampering from the start. Also a couple of those tweets could have been taken as slanderous.

I agree with the judge. You did make a mockery out of the trial. Fortunately, you are not a jackass so I agree with her just giving you a warning.

Norm, I realize you were trying to be funny. I get it. Next time, use some better judgment.

There is a time to leave funny at the door. Save your comic bits for the WSOP.

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