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New Cheating Allegations Arise With UB - Anyone Surprised?

19 October 2010, By: compncards
52 ways to cheat at poker 234x300
52 ways to cheat at poker 234x300

There appears to be yet ANOTHER accusation of cheating against UltimateBet, now known as UB. As you may know, there is a legal fight going on between Excapsa Software (UltimateBet's Original Owners pre name change to UB), Tokwire Enterprises (acquired UB from Excapsa via a company called Blast Off), and Blanca Games (the folks that actually had the balls to buy the Cereus Network.)

Blast Off quit paying Excapsa after the cheating scandal broke in 2007 and Excapsa thinks that Blast Off is having its assets transferred out so that they become unable to pay the remaining portion of the $120 Million due them.

The following was discovered in legal documents:

“The Tokwiro Group and its management recently alleged that they are the victims of a “newly discovered” cheating incident dating back to 2004 which caused former Chief Joe Norton to abandon the internet gaming business and has given rise to new alleged claims against Excapsa.”

Hard evidence has yet to be provided for this new allegation. However, as you can imaging, this does nothing to help UB's reputation. If this is discovered to be true, the best thing Cereus can do is to close up shop as I don't think they can rebound from yet another scandal.

Personally, I don't play at UB much anymore. I have about 50 bucks in an account over there that has been there for years. They seldom have the games I want, and well, let's be honest, do you really trust the site? As a friend of mine said recently at the World Series of Poker regarding a local event that had a poor structure, "If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and acts like a duck, it is a duck."

I am not saying that UB is absolutely crooked and that you are in danger of losing your money. I have no hardcore evidence of cheating. Of course, the security errors, past history of cheating, and other little instances from the past are enough for people to be leery. I'm also not saying that you should run away from UB entirely, but I wouldn't keep too much money on the site.

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