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New Allegation of Cheating at UB Revealed True - Spin Doctors at Work

23 October 2010, By: compncards
Spin Doctors
Spin Doctors

The spin doctors are at work regarding the "newly discovered" instance of cheating involving UltimateBet, now Blanca Games, the current new owner of the Cereus Network, made the following statement:.

Blanca understands and believes that the incident referred to by the Liquidator dates back to 2004 when the brand was owned and operated by Excapsa. The Liquidator has recently advised Blanca’s employees that the security breach at issue was closed by Excapsa in early 2005. Blanca has no knowledge of whether or not this incident is, in fact, “newly discovered”. It does, however, understand that two player accounts were involved in this 2004 incident, and that the damages sustained by players were less than USD$100,000. The incident has been reported to the appropriate regulatory authorities and Blanca is fully cooperating with the regulators’ inquiry.

So the new instance is from 2004. But it exists. The amount that players lost was less than $100,000. Ok, but that is still $100,000 that was gained illegally. But my question is how many more instances are there of this? Are we going to find out in 6 months to a year that there is even more cheating from their past?

Blanca was quick to point out that UB and Absolute Poker are under new management and that they will do their best to protect its customers. Unfortunately, most people are going to ignore the "new management" sign and look at the fact that there was yet more cheating discovered at UB.

Good luck Blanca Games. Enjoy the headache that you've acquired.

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