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Nevada Gaming Control Board Forces Palms to Pay Michael Divita $18,500

7 February 2012, By: compncards
Epic Poker 430x242
Epic Poker 430x242

According to an article posted on earlier today, it looks like the matter surrounding Michael Divita's exclusion from the second Epic Poker League Main Event has been resolved.

For those of you that don't remember or don't follow the EPL, Divita won a seat into the second EPL Main Event but was refused entry because of being a registered sex offender in California. He was refunded his original $1,500 and escorted out of the building.

In lieu of pursuing the matter in court, Divita filed a complaint with the Nevada Gaming Control Board. It ultimately ruled in favor of Divita and ordered the Palms to pay Divita $18,500, the difference due him for the EPL $20k seat.

According to the ruling, the promotional material for the EPL clearly stated that those that won the Amateur Event would "win a 20k seat." This gave "reasonable reliance of a value associated with that specific seat."

If what Divita told QuadJacks is true, the Palms actually offered to settle for half of the value of the seat and Divita refused.

While I had no problem with the EPL banning him from the Main Event, I do agree with the GCB's decision to pay him for the seat. The EPL did not make its ruling about his Main Event status until after he had won the seat.

Divita was at least entitled to the value of the Main Event seat, or $18,500.

The GCB made the right decision and the Palms didn't even bother to appeal the decision. That was another wise decision as it can finally move past this issue.

I don't condone Divita's past actions, but he did win the seat and should be paid. However, this may not be the last we hear from him.

According to the article, Divita has been in contact with Pinnacle Entertainment, the folks that reportedly want to buy the EPL, and is supposedly welcome to play in an EPL event.

If the EPL gets sold, I expect this won't be the last we hear of him in the EPL. Hopefully he sticks to girls over 18 and just plays poker so we don't have to hear about this in the future.

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