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Negreanu Blog Against Epic Poker League - Concern or Hatred?

11 August 2011, By: compncards
EPL 430x241
EPL 430x241

Daniel Negreanu has been very vocal about not playing in the first Epic Poker League Main Event.

He took to his blog earlier today and outlined his reasons why he did not play in the EPL. After his blog was posted, Mike Matusow made the following statement on Twitter:

themouthmatusow Real reason @RealKidPoker didn't play @EpicPokerLeague main is he hates @AnnieDuke so much he rather not make 3mill then she make 25cents

Considering Negreanu's past with Duke, this seems just as feasible as his blog statements. So the question remains, does Daniel really have a beef with the EPL or is this just a continuation of his feud with Duke?

Let's take a look at some of his reasons.

His first reason is the same reason he claims he didn't play in World Team Poker. He doesn't feel that it will be a success.

Negreanu states that he doesn't think it will resonate with the public and that it will fail to bring in a revenue stream.

He states that the company has no way to recoup money through sponsorship. He then goes on to state that the site's social media site will not make much money because " these things don't really make money."

I wonder if Zynga would have something to say about that.

Negreanu states that the only way the league will survive is if online poker sites get legalized and that the league is trying to build a brand in order to enter the US online poker market when this happens.

Of course. Any new league with half a brain would be looking to do the same. This isn't earth shattering news in my opinion.

The bit that bugs me is his statement that he is really careful about what he attaches his name to. He seems to insinuate that the EPL is not "good enough" for him to make an appearance at.

I guess that his reputation is so stellar that he can't afford to take any risks with it. (Heaven knows that putting your likeness on an online site that blatantly violated U.S. law can't possibly damage your image.)

I'm not saying that I think that the EPL will survive and thrive. The verdict is still out in my opinion regarding the league, but I do feel that it is a novel concept that should be embraced by all pros that have qualified.

At the same time, I have to agree with Matusow that some of Daniel's beef with the league has to be due to Duke being the commissioner.

I have no evidence on this and it is clearly speculation, but I find it hard that someone that is supposed to be a professional poker player is going to rip apart a league that will potentially award million-dollar prizes at all of its Main Events.

It seems that the poker player in him would have at least fake some optimism. Hate can be a powerful force, and maybe that is a bit of what has happened here.

I do realize that Annie rubs people the wrong way. In my limited dealings with her in the past, I have gotten along with her splendidly. I'm rooting for her and the league to do well, and without Negreanu.

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  • Cannon 14/08/2011 6:55am (10 years ago)

    You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

  • Tiffany 12/08/2011 1:44am (10 years ago)

    I think Daniel has the right to play or not play, but I think his reason is bogus. If his name is so precious to him, and he has the pull that he thinks he does, then as ambassador for the sport, shouldn't he want what's best for poker? Shouldn't that be the EPL thriving? I would think that if he wanted poker to thrive, he would play in the EPL events and use whatever cache he has to draw in fans (and viewers) to garner support for the league. Matusow's explanation seems much more likely.