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Nailed 2011 Hall of Fame Voting and 2012 Hall of Fame Predictions

27 October 2011, By: compncards
PokerHallOfFame 390x300
PokerHallOfFame 390x300

I told you so. Today, the World Series of Poker announced that Barry Johnson and Linda Johnson will be the newest inductees into the Poker Hall of Fame.

Barry seemed the obvious choice to me. He had the best pedigree of those on the finalist list in regards to overall poker prowess.

Since the Hall seems to be in a pattern of voting one player each year based on their career and one based on their contributions to the game, it seemed that Linda Johnson fit the role the best out of those on the list.

Her charity work in my view put her over the hump.

Now that we know this year's class, who's next?

I'm looking at the other finalists and I think you are looking at either John Juanda or Jennifer Harman-Traniello getting the nod next.

Both are very deserving and I think it will boil down to if the voters weigh the players more on tournaments or on cash play.

Personally, if I had a vote next year, I would be picking Harman. With that said, I will not be upset if Juanda gets picked.

Let's see what I think in another year.

I don't see Scotty having a chance for another two, maybe three years in regards to getting serious consideration. Seed I would be surprised to see inducted anytime soon.

In regards to Tom McEvoy, next year could definitely be his year.

I said last year that he would probably need to wait until a weaker field of finalists was nominated before he got in.

Next year at first glance appears to be that time.

With Jack McClelland his only real contributor competition at present, I think you will see McEvoy picked due to his combined playing career and contributions away from the table.

Depending on who crops upon the list next year, we may see McClelland inducted in 2013.

Note that these last couple predictions are based on the voters holding to the pattern of recent years, and I don't see any reason they wouldn't.

There you have it.

Barry Greenstein and Linda Johnson in 2011 and either Jennifer Harman-Traniello or John Juanda along with Tom McEvoy for 2012.

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