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Mike Sexton Replaced as WPT Host

20 March 2011, By: compncards
Sexton Matusow 430x286
Sexton Matusow 430x286

Mike Sexton had to give up his final table announcing duties at the Bay 101 World Poker Tour event on Friday. The reason was that he actually made the final table. He wound up finishing in 6th place.

Mike Matusow also made the final table and ultimately finished in 3rd place. Alan Sternberg would go on to eventually win the event and just over $1 million, but I think that it is Sexton that will benefit the most from making the final table.

While it is true that Sexton only made $148,000 from his final-table finish, think about the street cred that Sexton picked up by making that final table.

Many people that have started watching poker since 2003 only know Sexton as the voice of the World Poker Tour, and this is the first time that many will have seen him in a high profile event at a final table.

It is true he won the Tournament of Champions in 2006, but that was an invitational event.  This is the first televised "open event" that Sexton has done well in since the onset of the Moneymaker era.

Also, this is Sexton's largest score in an open NL event since 2000. His largest open score otherwise was 4th in the Pot-Limit Hold'em World Championship in 2008, an event not televised by ESPN.

While many people have respect for Sexton, it has been easy for some people to discredit him because he has not had any major television time. That has changed now that he will be featured on WPT television. Casual fans will find a new respect for Sexton now that they can actually see that he has the ability to still make a high profile final table.

In addition, I think you will find that Sexton will have some fantastic insight to these players when you see this episode on TV. He did go back to the booth after busting out, so expect the type of insight you will only get from actually doing battle with the players.

Hopefully this isn't the last WPT final table we will see Sexton at.

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