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Leaving Atlantic City

6 August 2009, By: compncards
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lge call 080908041054106 wideweb 300x3001

Tuesday, I wrapped up what turned out to be close to two weeks in Atlantic City. Most of my time up there was playing in low stakes poker games. I turned a profit for the total trip combined, which was a nice change from the last couple of visits to Atlantic City. Granted, my other trips were not huge losses, but I still prefer to turn a profit. With that being said, I would like to comment on some things that I saw and my reasoning for my play.

First, there were at least two pots that come to mind where I came into the hand with a relatively weak suited holding. The first was Q-2 of clubs and the other was Q-6 of diamonds. I happened to river a flush with both hands. The first hand, I happened to river the nuts with the ace and king of clubs on the board. I was paid off with both hands and both times, players commented about my bad choice of starting cards.

In the first hand, I was on the button and literally EVERY PLAYER LIMPED. I capitalized that for a reason. Smarter players just said to themselves, “well duh.” This was a 10 handed game, and I was looking at 9 limpers. When I am getting 9 to 1 on a call, I am making the call with just about any two cards. In fact, if I have the chips to splash with, I will call with any two cards in that spot. The Q-6 was a similar situation. I was in the small blind with 5 limpers. I was half in. I am completing the blind with any hand there. It is true that a high percentage of the time, I will be folding the flop. However, two or three times, I am going to get paid off nicely.

In Omaha Hi-Lo, you need to be drawing to the nuts. I ignored this rule in the first half of my trip quite a bit and lost several bets I could have saved. This week, I followed it almost religiously. The hand that both essentially made me look like an uber-rock was a hand I was dealt 3-4-10-10 with one suit. I limped in hoping to catch lucky. (This table averaged 5 to 6 people in every pot.) The flop was A-8-8. Action was checked to the button, who bet out and one other player and myself called. The turn fell another eight. I have eights full. We check to the button and she bet out and received a call. You would call there right? I folded. The river fell a seven and action was bet-raise-re-raise-call. The button flipped over A-A-8-10 for quads and the other opponent flipped over 2-3-4 and I didn’t see his last card. Draw to the nuts or expect your stack to be drawn and quartered.

If you are playing seven card stud, when a person pairs their door card, they have trips a high percentage of the time. People don’t get that. I got paid off in stud games all last week due to this. This week, I folded four different times in this spot and each time, I was right. Twice the same player was like “how do you know when I have trips.” The reason he asked is that I completed the bet both times with a pair of aces. I gave them up after the player hit their door card. (Granted, in one of the cases, I had some dead outs on prior streets.)

Lastly, I would like to make a comment to the guys out there. Some of you like to play with the hookers or escorts. That’s fine if you do. I have no problem there. However, can some of you be less obvious about it? For example, last night I saw this guy leaving the Taj with a girl that one would suspect as being a call girl. Of course, after looking at the guy, there was no doubt. I’m not saying that the guy was ugly. He was average looking, but he was wearing dirty jeans, a corduroy shirt, and cowboy boots. The girl saw me looking and got an “oh shit” look on her face. I just flashed her a “don’t worry gal, I ain’t seen nothing” smile and she smile back with a bit of a relieved look. No girls, I am not a cop. Guys, if you are going to go out with a high class girl, please don’t look like you just rolled in from working on the farm. Of course, if you are a rodeo guy, you get a pass. However, I have noticed that guy from the rodeo looked better, and they have the big cowboy hats and fancy belt buckles.

Anyway, that’s it for my live poker trek for this month. I am going to try and make this a monthly thing now, but I may have to do it bi-monthly. Either event, I look forward to my next trip. Good luck to you at the tables.

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