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2 June 2010, By: Melissa Castello
Nicaragua 2010 014 400x300
Nicaragua 2010 014 400x300

Yikes so in the last 30 days that has been my schedule! LA to Denver to Vegas and back home, pack, Houston to Nicaragua and back home again to pack and head to the WSOP. I'm getting a late start on Vegas but the Nicaragua trip was well worth it.

Nicaragua was my first non-poker related trip in almost 3 years! Aside of course from a weekend home to visit fam or friends. What do I do while in Nicaragua? Surf, volcano board, eat $8 lobster, drink $1 beers, and of course find the biggest poker fanatics in the country and play in their home game. While on the search for a hotel in San Juan Del Sur I stumbled upon The Irish House, a traditional Irish bar and hotel in Nicaragua. Standing outside looking puzzled a woman shouted from behind the empty bar to see if we needed help. We went inside and asked about rooms and she gladly showed us the best looking room we had seen in the country so far. When we took a seat at the bar she had told us that we interrupted her poker game, she was playing a tournament on Poker Stars. I introduced Eddy Sabat and told her he is a pro poker player and introduced myself as working in the industry, she couldn't have been more excited. We were also pretty pumped to find someone like herself, an Irish woman married to a Nicaraguan running the cutest bar and hotel I've ever seen, playing poker and a big fan of the game. Later that night they organized a home game, $5 buy-in with 1 re-buy. We played until 3am drinking rum and eating late night hot dogs, which I regretted the next morning. I chopped with my friend Brian for about $30 each, that's a big pot in Nicaragua considering some weekly wages total about $25. We played poker 3 of the 5 nights we were there, both with locals and transplants. I chopped again with Brian the 2nd night and the 3rd night Eddy chopped with one of the local kids. At this point even if we stayed longer they probably wouldn't want to play with us considering we kept winning.

Irish House Home Game

I went to Nicaragua to have an adventurous vacation but spent a good portion of the trip playing poker. I never had a better time on a trip and love how poker can bring together strangers from all backgrounds and all languages. We even saw a Full Tilt commercial in Espanol at the bar. Its fun to see how far poker is expanding, maybe someday Nicaragua will be added as one of the tour stops.

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