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Lady's Poker Journal

12 June 2009, By: Lady Junkie
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mail blog 12

Dear Gentleman Poker Players;

It was only a short time ago when we were not common place in your smoke filled basement rooms laced with testosterone where you patted our behinds for bringing your drinks and lighting your cigars. The women of your time who dared face you down and pronounced the courage to sit at a table and endure your disparaging remarks and stares paved the way for a new generation of women poker players.

When the poker boom rocketed women into poker you called us names, accused us of belonging to “man hating clubs” and had a tough time accepting that the person playing next to you was not part of the good old boys club but actually someone who could have been your mother/sister/teacher or grandmother. You forced many into an online life of solitude, pretending to be a man to avoid confrontation. You entered into our tournaments pretending to be one of us hoping to show how superior on the felt you were and to show your friends just how manly you could be. To my knowledge not one of you managed to outsmart us and take the title of women’s only event.

Once your shock and horror of sharing the felt with a woman eased, you decided we were the weaker sex in poker just as we are in contests of strength like football or arm wrestling. Instead of “stupid chasing bitches” you called us “calling stations”, “soft players” and “pushovers”. Because we had no voice in the community we sat back and let dictate to us where, when and how we would play.

Today, you accept us, or say you do. But there is not one mixed forum out there with a “women’s” section that does not contain at least one post, four pages long about who the hottest female player is, how big their boobs are and very little else. Go to any of the women’s only forums and I can almost guarantee there is not one post regarding the size of your manhood. One of you commented that a recent women’s only event was nothing but “…eye candy obviously staked by their poker playing boyfriends”. Most of us make our own money and “Eye Candy” is for hookers and mistresses.

You say you accept us but there is no denying the deer in the headlights look when the blonde bombshell sitting next to you flashes her 100-watt smile as she flashes her $100k bluff. There is no hiding the shock when the kind grandmother across the table who showed you pictures of her cat and grandchildren all dressed up for Easter traps you with the nut flush that she hit on the flop. When that woman at the table who you didn’t think was very smart called your bluff did you think she didn’t know what you were thinking?

Gentlemen, the reason for this blog is not to bash you or to garner respect where it is not warranted. We are well aware that respect at the poker tables is earned on an individual basis. All we ask is that you understand that on a poker table we are no different from you. We are gaining voice in the industry and though you might not always agree with what it has to say; that voice deserves respect and deserves fairness with out prejudice.

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  • Usenext 29/07/2009 9:53pm (12 years ago)

    Hey, ok, I get it, I guess - but does this really work?

  • azdreaming 15/06/2009 3:50am (12 years ago)

    Whoa, Lady Junkie! Lord knows we've got our own yummy "eye candy" -- Patrik Antonius, Marc Traniello, Eric Lindgren, Phil Ivey, Phil Gordon -- just to mention a few. As a woman poker player, I enjoy playing with most men. I flirt with some, ignore some and, if warranted, even get confrontational with others. When I come to the table, I want to be seen as an attractive lady who is probably a passive, if not totally clueless, player. It's not long before some of the men are taking note of and complementing my good play -- and others are pissed off and going deeper in the hole as they try to get their chips back from me. I believe our feminine wiles can be an asset at the table and have no qualms about using our assets to get men off their game --just as they use intimidation and aggression to get women players off theirs.

    As serious women players, our best response is to offensive talk and actions of our men counterparts is to ignore the bad stuff, grow thicker skin, continue to act like ladies at the poker table and do as much as we can to encourage and support other ladies who want to play and take the initiative to get into the game.

  • compncards 14/06/2009 11:54am (12 years ago)

    However, there are many women players that will go out of the way to flaunt their "assets" as a way to distract men. Annie Duke even tells women in her book to use these tactics. If women don't want to be treated as sex objects at the poker table, then stop doing the things that are going to have men objectify them. Quit doing the SI swimsuit covers and GQ photo shoots. If a guy sees Vanessa Rousso in a hot photo layout, he is naturally going to objectify her. Hormones overtake thinking for most men.

    Outside of that, men are going to be men. Except at the higher levels, most men are incapable of giving women credit for playing poker. I played in a tournament where this kid was getting pot after pot taken off of him by this "old woman" as he called her. Of course, I didn't tell the kid who he was playing with as the person was a friend of mine. Later on during one of the breaks someone clued him in. The "old woman" was Barbara Enright.